NSF 2008 Engineering Senior Design Projects to Aid Persons with Disabilities

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John D. Enderle


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Complete Book

NSF 2008 Senior Design Projects to Aid Persons with Disabilities (A large file of 19 Mb)

Book Separated into Chapters

Table of Contents, Forward, Chapter 1 (Introduction), Chapter 2 (Best Practices in Senior Design), Chapter 3 (Using Meaningful Assessment to Enhance Design Project Experiences), Chapter 4 (Using NSF-Sponsored Projects to Enrich Students' Written Communication Skills), Chapter 5 (Connecting Students with Persons who have Disabilities)
Chapter 6, Duke University
Chapter 7, Rochester Institute of Technology
Chapter 8, State University of New York at Buffalo
Chapter 9, Tulane University
Chapter 10, University of Connecticut

Chapter 11, University of Denver
Chapter 12, University of Massachusetts Lowell
Chapter 13, University of North Carolina
Chapter 14, University of Toledo
Chapter 15,Vanderbilt University
Chapter 16,Wayne State University
Chapter 17, Wright State University
Chapter 18, Index