National Science Foundation Engineering Senior Design Projects For Persons With Disabilities

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Welcome to the Homepage for the National Science Foundation Engineering Design Projects to Aid Persons with Disabilities.  In 1988, the National Science Foundation initiated a program to provide funds for student engineers at universities throughout the United States to construct custom designed devices and software for individuals with disabilities. Through the Biomedical Engineering & Research Aiding Persons with Disabilities Program, funds are awarded competitively to universities to cover supplies, equipment and fabrication costs for design projects.  Since 1989, books have been published to disseminate information about the projects funded through this program.  To view a book, simply click on the year the book was published in the frame on the left. These books are stored in pdf format. If this reader is not available on your browser, you can obtain a free reader by visiting the Adobe Homepage at

Compilation of the books have been funded by the NSF since 1989. The current grant number is 0932903. The NSF and editors make no representations or warranties of any kind with respect to these design projects, and specifically disclaim any liability for any incidental or consequential damages arising from the use of this publication. Faculty members using the book as a guide should exercise good judgment when advising students.

Except for introductory chapters, each chapter includes descriptions of design projects at a single university, written by students and principal investigator(s) at that university and edited by us.  Individuals wishing more information on a particular design should contact the designated supervising principal investigator. An index is provided so that projects may be easily identified by topic in each book.

It is hoped that these manuscripts will enhance the quality of future senior design projects for persons with disabilities by providing examples of previous projects, and motivate other universities to participate because of the potential benefits to students, clients, educational institutions, and communities.  Moreover, the technologies used in these projects provide examples of a broad range of applications for new engineers.  The ultimate goal of these publications and the projects carried out under this initiative is to assist individuals in reaching their maximum potential for enjoyable and productive lives.

For the most part, a two-page project description format is used for each book. Each project is first briefly described.  A summary of impact then illustrates the effect of the project on a person's life. A detailed technical description follows.  Photographs of the devices and other important components are incorporated throughout the manuscripts. Some of the projects are described more extensively, covering many pages; these projects are typically the first or last project in a chapter.

The information in this publication is not restricted in any way. Individuals are encouraged to use the project descriptions in future design projects for persons with disabilities.

A high quality printed version  of books from 1994 and on are available for $15 per book from the publisher at:

Creative Learning Press, Inc.
P.O. Box 320
Mansfield Center, CT 06250
Phone: (860) 429-8118
FAX: (860) 429-7783

John D. Enderle, Editor